INVITATION to the first auction of the Performance Auction House FORSALE

This season of auctions starts with a novelty taking place in Slovenia.

Performance Auction House FORSALE launches the first salesroom in the world to auction theatre

Because of your interest in contemporary art and design we figure out that you might be interested in FORSALE.

We believe you understand the importance of creating new ways of ownership and responsibility. FORSALE offers you to acquire one of our lots in the upcoming auction, that will give you the opportunity to own what was never owned before and become part of a collective ownership that will shape a new art economy of ephemeral art. 

On this first auction of a theatre performance a performance of the renown Slovene theatre collective Beton Ltd.: Ich kann nicht anders will be sold.

In the collective there are many renown creators, among which the actors Katarina Stegnar, Primož Bezjak and Branko Jordan, costume designer Mateja Benedetti, set designer Toni Soprano and Son:DA, sound designer Dead Tongues and others.

More information about the artistic collective Beton Ltd. available at:

The performance will be sold in 9 lots. One of the lots sold at the auction is also COSTUMES, which were designed by a world renown Slovene designer Mateja Benedetti, a pioneer of ecological high fashion.

Link to the lot is available here:

Please, feel free to discover the other lots available:


Legacy and the future 

Being part of FORSALE is being part of: 


-As a buyer you can acquire one of the nine lots and become part of the ecosystem of persevering theatre art works. 

-As a buyer at the legendary first auction of theatre performance you own an asset that will increase its value in the future. There is a possibility of increasing the value as FORSALE will continue auctioning theatre performances. 

-As a buyer you will be the first and go down in history as a pioneer of theatre ownership

-Performance Auction House FORSALE is a space and it can become a reality of performing other possible economies. In order to activate it, it is you and your investment, social responsibility that will create a lesson to neoliberalism. 

-Being part of the history has never been easier and ownership never so exciting. 


How it works


-pre auction August 23th - 26th 

-bid online August 27th 

-live bidding August 27th / live or on the phone with FORSALE team 

Four days before the live auction you can attend the early auction by bidding online on performanceforsale.comor send a request to for the telephone bidding on the live auction. Our FORSALE team will provide you a link to the live stream from the venue and call you prior to your selected lot.


»If you want to change the world, you have to own it. To own it, you have to buy it.« by FORSALE 


Be there at the dawn of the new economy. 

Own what has never been owned before. 


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