with the “original” German title "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!", will be presented in its Romanian premiere at the Bucharest National Operetta and Musical Theatre "Ion Dacian" as a musical comedy or, better still, revue in small, disjointed scenes linked by the themes of love and relationships.

The CREAS production of the off-Broadway runner brings the theme of love and human relationships to the forefront, exploring the complexities and challenges involved in finding and maintaining love and relationships throughout life.

The original Romanian version in a double directing by Victor Bucur & Daniel Burcea, both of whom also perform wonderfully on stage, is characterised by the humorous, pointed texts by Joe DiPietro (RO: Geanina Jinaru-Doboș) and the lively and captivating music by Jimmy Roberts.

The stage design by Vladimir Turturica is minimalist. The "orchestra" consists of piano (Alaxandru Burcă/Andreea Dobia), violin (Geanina Meragiu) and bass (Dana Georgescu/Vlad Vedeș). And that is more than enough.

A fresh, enthusiastic ensemble of two alternating couples plus small supporting roles (Tania Popa / Oana Rusu, Amelia Antoniu, Anca Florescu / Daniela Bucșan, Letiția Vlădescu / Teodora Calagiu, Victor Bucur, Valentino Tiron / Mihai Bisericanu, Silviu Mircescu / Laur Drăgan, Daniel Burcea) slips into the decisive roles and hurries through a series of independent episodes of relationship stages in the play, which has been running successfully off-Broadway for ages since 1996: humorous, turbulent episodes in all stages of life and love, from the first date to the family quarrel.

In addition to their acting talent, the Romanian crew succeeds brilliantly in presenting their highly qualified singing skills in more than 50!!!! roles and moods.  The spark is immediately transmitted to the audience, who are drawn into an emotional rollercoaster that ranges from uproarious laughter to tears in their eyes.

They all offer an "honest musical comedy, sincerely played and sung, no shi-shi, lots of humour and spread a good mood that I really missed. Bravo! Really, a must-see in Bucharest that I have missed for a long time," said the enthusiastic critic and musical expert Dr. Maria Zărnescu after the premiere.

A comedic kaleidoscope of human love life with wide-ranging music, a bit classical, rock, some vaudeville blues and gospel. In the original English version, the play is subtitled: "Everything you always secretly thought about dating, romance, marriage, lovers, husbands, wives and odd couples, but didn't want to admit."

Another Romanian musical event that could be ground-breaking like a few years ago?

In 2020, the musical "Next to Normal" (about a mother with bipolar disorder and the influence on the entire family) preceded a German and other European revival in Bucharest (Orpheus Magazin reported).


(Photo Anca Coleasa) Since only one couple per episode is on stage during the show, the entire team enthusiastically gathered for a photo of this coverage.