BRAINS by Kristóf Szabó/F.A.C.E. scenes from Quarks & Co., F.A.C.E.

and after Gottfried Benn BRAINS

Drama | DanceTheater | Projection-Art

Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten, Köln


Mixed-Media-Performance on Transhumanism and Mesurement of the World.

The show based on ideas of major avant-garde writer Gottfried Benn’s collection of short tales, GEHIRNE (Brains) (which explored the psyche and its pulls between the Dionysian and Apollonian elements, ideas which he would further develop in his 1920 essay DAS MODERNE ICH -The Modern Self-.

Mixed with acutual quotatians from scientific tv-show to catholic liturgy the perfomance of mesurement of the world transported visions from 1916 into the 21st century, where they seem to be even closer to a crushing depressingly expressive reality.


Adrián Castelló, (choreograph, dance), Theresia Erfort, Thomas Krutmann (actors) Luna Bardot (femdom), Ivo Kovacs (Graphic-Projection-Art) and director Kristof Szabo did a great job by devellopping this theatrical performance about the pursuit of eternal life in a perfect body.


„Erase nature, the brain of the future is an artificial paradise“ ...

photos Chris Bauer/PPS