special edition 2010 to
41-29 Istanbul  

Regarding Europe, the advantages of the Community are not mentioned particularly, whereas all imaginary dangers and disadvantages are discussed over and over again. Each parts stick to the old commercial motto to complain about the badly running business, in order not to excite someone’s envy (and meanwhile they do their best to keep their own advantages running.) And here KulturForum Europa (KFE) is working as a corrective, awarding attainments which are positive and indispensable for the future of Europe, but not yet terminated: This is what distinguishes the KFE Award from others, that honour personal abilities which a generally elder person has realized being young. Different to honouring originality proven in different areas and with consequences not always undisputed, the KFE Award is granted for fundamental efforts regarding Europe. So these achievements must not at all be original, but essential for the development of Europe to become a politically stable community, full of dignity for mankind. KFE intends to give a sign: On one hand to the honoured persons, that they may keep putting their efforts  - on the other hand inviting all Europeans to co-operate for this precious, useful aim.

The aspect of the past generates the condition for the real important one: the aspect regarding the future.
The award also tries to be corrective for the negative alignments in public senses.
Now, 18 years after its foundation, this aspect is showing clearly. On behalf of the Kultur Forum Europa, please allow me to congratulate Istanbul for giving way to a lady to initiate a significant project not only to bring an added value to her city but also to serve as a model for many cities in Europe.
We, as Kultur Forum Europa, have always supported Turkey, and its accession to the European Union. Therefore, we have always closely watched the developments in your beautiful country and tried to keep a close record of all opportunities your country may offer towards building intercultural dialogue on the way to an alliance of civilizations. In that respect we believed that Istanbul 2010 also provided a fertile ground for Turkey’s creative capacity to flourish and allow Istanbul to be seen as an initiator for European projects, not a partner or a follower but as a leader. In this context, 41-29 Istanbul has been brought to our attention in 2008 and we have nominated the project for the European Culture Award. We had further reviewed the project in 2009 and had a chance to discuss it with Ms. Esra Nilgun Mirze in Istanbul, returning home in full confidence that the award has found its owner. 41-29 ISTANBUL CULTURE and ARTS CENTER 
41-29 ISTANBUL CULTURE and ARTS CENTER acts as an instigator primarily in artistic production and creativity by challenging 20th Century concepts and seeks to find answers to the European Union’s current issues such as mobility, intercultural dialogue and collaboration, cultural integration and representation, and social cohesion without instrumentalizing the arts. Ms. Mirze’s project has important local and European dimensions not only for fostering understanding between various cultures and thus contributing to world peace, but also by facilitating sharing of inspiration, creativity and innovation in almost all disciplines of art. The project also strives to offer educational opportunities to both art professionals and to socially deprived youngsters by opening new horizons through collaborative and creative work. The project is also unique by pointing to a new way of cultural governance that depends on bringing together various alliances and partnerships, embracing public and private sectors, and local and international institutions. The project also has a potential to grow into a global network of peoples, cities and institutions and thus presents a step towards the building of an alliance of civilizations under Istanbul’s leadership.  In brief, the space for the center has been secured we are back to award 41-21 ISTANBUL CULTURE and ARTS CENTER  project created by Ms. Mirze and upon her wish to create a three tier cultural policy for Turkey to become an international player in the field of arts and culture, we will also extend the the European Culture Award  to Ä°stanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Culture office “Kültür A:Šž” who supported this project as partners.

Culture is nothing natural, it’s an effort which has to be conquered from nature. Europe is worth to be sponsored, worthy in the totality of the social and cultural heritage of each state, each citizen, and this must be apported, integrated and used. Thus, the European Award for Cultural Achievement shall be an impulse, a distinction that incites not to cease in our efforts (even our own) to clearly explain to everybody that an idea to foster culture of living together is a chance! A chance for a model of peaceful co-existence of many different people, whose differencies are looked upon as a potential, a dowry, a possibility which might be useful to solve all these problems we are facing - and not at all something „strange“ that makes us fear and has to be extinguished. The KulturPreis Europa (European Award for Cultural Achievement), which, for 18 years, has been given by the KulturForum Europa to individuals and institutions who have contributed to the development of human rights, law,democracy and intercultural dialogue, will today be awarding

Ms Nilgün Mirze and 41-29 ISTANBUL project. And Mr. Nevzat Bayhan for sharing
this vision as the Cultural representative of Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.  
The European Award for Cultural Achievement (KulturPreis Europa) is granted today in form of a bronze relief which was employed for the first time in 1993, on the occasion of the opening of the European borders.

“Europe on the Bull – a Land in Motion”

A symbolic gesture to situation 18 years later
and the winner of this very special edition in Istanbul.