KulturPreis Europa 2003

KulturPreis Europa (European Award for Cultural Achievement), which, for 11 years, has been awarded by the KulturForum Europa to individuals and institutions who have contributed to the development of human rights, law, democracy and intercultural dialogue, will this year be awarded to the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts.
Founded in 1992 by the former German Foreign Secretary, Mr. Hans Dietrich Genscher, the KulturForum Europa is composed of Europe’s leading politicians, scientists, artists and opinion leaders.
Mr. Dieter Topp, president of KulturForum Europa, has written a letter to the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts in which he states: “The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts” opened Turkey’s doors to Europe and the world through the International Istanbul Festivals that they have organized for over 30 years in line with a philosophy that calls for “intercultural dialogue and tolerance”. They have helped many young people from both the East and the West to come together, and, in addition to hosting highly acclaimed artists, the Foundation has created an opportunity for young artists to come together and meet with audiences in festivals, co-productions, cultural exchange programs, workshops, conferences and symposia.”
KulturForum Europa announced that the 2003 KulturPreis Europa has been presented to the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts “for helping in the past 30 years to build understanding, tolerance and trust between the East and the West, Islam and Christianity, through works of culture and the arts”.
The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts will receive the 2003 European Culture Award at the opening ceremony of the 8th International Istanbul Biennale on September 19th.
Since 1993, the European Culture Award has been awarded to Ms. Annemarie Renger, President of the German Parliament, Prof. Dr. Helmut Zilk, Mayor of Vienna, Prof. Dr. Dimitris Tsatsos, the Greek barrister, Mr. Johannes Rau, Prime Minister of NRW / President of Federal Germany, Mr. Avi Primor, the Israeli Ambassador to Germany, the 3Sat-TV, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Mr. Jeff Baron, the writer from New York for his production at the Vienna Josefstadt Theatre and Elzbieta Penderecki from Poland.