The Board of KulturForum Europa has unanimously voted to award Mr. Tiberiu Capudean for the European Tolerance Award in 2018.

7/7/2018. Mr. Capudean is going to be awarded for his work in building cultural bridges between the country of Romania and the EU, and especially, for his role as ambassadors to promote LGBT rights as human rights. He is a fine example of cultural ambassador, removing a historical cultural barrier by promoting mutual understanding, acceptance and tolerance.


For the last 25 years, KulturPreis Europa (European Award for Cultural Achievement) has been awarded by the KulturForum Europa to individuals and institutions, which have contributed to the development of human rights, law, democracy and intercultural dialogue. Founded in 1992 by the former German Minister of Foreign Affaires, Mr. Hans Dietrich Genscher, the KulturForum Europa is composed of leading politicians, scientists, artists and opinion leaders (

The founders had envisioned the European Tolerance Award as a prestigious distinction that will incite/increase our efforts to explain clearly that tolerance is an ideal model for the peaceful co-existence of different peoples. It is only through the prism of tolerance that various hues are looked upon as potential and strength, upon which they might be useful to resolve our social problems.

Some of our past recipients of the European Tolerance Award include:

  • American playwright Doug Wright for “I Am My Own Wife” about the life of a transgender person who survived the Nazi and Communist regimes
  • French actor Georges du Fresne for "Ma Vie en Rose" ("My Life In Pink") film lead role as Ludovic, a little girl born in a little boy's body
  • Theater Bremen and composer Ludger Vollmer for the opera "Against the Wall" for a positive overall concept to the question of the identity of young German-Turkish persons in the context of traditional Turkish families
  • Mr. Dirk Weeber-Arayatumsopon for his role as a mediator between different ethnic groups and his special engagement with minorities and children with special needs in Thailand
  • (former) Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the United States of America in Sofia, Bulgaria, Bryan Dalton and his husband, Anandaroopa
  • Stage director and author Vladimir Danovsky for the oeuvre “The Saving”, dedicated to the people who risked their lives to save thousands of Bulgarian Jews in 1943

  • Romy Haag, singer, tv-presenter entertainer and LGBT activist, Berlin, Germany

  • Columbian choreographer and dancer William Sánchez, Essen, Bogotá

Mr. Capudean will join this esteemed group of awardees for his contribution to the development of human rights and intercultural dialogue, spanning many years and countries. His personal and professional support of LGBT individuals and/or organizations in his home country Romania proves deep-rooted dedication to a world without prejudice and discrimination. His support and development of LGBT groups especially in Romania help to empower people of different sexual orientation, gender and ethnicities, with an enduring message of peace, friendship and understanding